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You can serve God and still participate In Politics Says Cleric



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The Very Rev. Ayo Olu Oyadotun says on Tuesday that it is quite possible to serve God as well
as being in Politics.

According to the speech of the Chapel of Christ, the Light presiding Chaplain in Alausa, Ikeja, on Tuesday, Nigerians should change their perspective and orientation. The Very Rev. Ayo Olu Oyadotun goes on to say that the idea of no godly or right person can work in politics or retain political office is entirely untrue.

What Led to the Speech

The Very Reverend made this speech on the event of the 20 th Anniversary occasion of the interdenominational church press briefing. He says, "after all, politics is one’s capacity to take care of God’s people, oneself, and God’s resources.

In his speech, the Very Reverend Ayo Olu Oyadotun states that there are many testimonies of Godly men who served well in politics. According to him, he worked in the National Assembly while working as a pastor also. Thus, it is possible to serve God, even in politics, while maintaining your godliness. For this reason, he is advising Nigerians to drop the mentality that no good man is in politics. Godly people are still in politics, he says.

Reasons for this Belief

The Very Reverend Ayo Olu Oyadotun states that the origin of politics is from God himself. As a result, the beginning of politics is God, and Nigerians shouldn’t boycott God out of politics.

Glory be to God, he says, there are many testimonies in Lagos State, especially of Godly people who served well in politics also. Moreover, those people admit that; it is only God that can lead the house. Also, they admitted that God is the only person that can place anyone in power. Therefore, they are labouring in vain.

Politics and Religion work well together Managing both politics and religion has more to do with human beings’ personality and interest.

“In the beginning, it is what God has been saying to human beings to carry out since every of God’s creation is good. However, the problem is human beings.

Prince Oluranti Olufon, who is their Harvest Chairman, says that the interdenominational church has a one-week line-up of activity to commemorate the celebration. Included in their activities are; an award ceremony, a 2-day crusade, free Medicare, and charity activities.

Included also in their program is a roadshow around the Ikeja neighbourhood to evangelize to people about Christ. Olufon appealed to members of many different churches and the public at
large to join in the epoch-making occasion.

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