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Yahaya Bello-“Going To The Tribunal Is My Opponent’s Right”



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Yahaya Bello, with the entire members of All Progressive Congress-APC, have declared their readiness to face opponents in court. This is because they are quite sure that the result of the November 16 th Kogi governorship election stands in their favour! The re-elected Kogi state governor was bold enough to state this as he was being queried by the State House Correspondents. After paying a visit to the Nigerian President at his Villa, Abuja, last Thursday, Bello was quite sure of his success.

Professor Ibrahim Garba, the retuning official of the November 16 th Kogi State governorship election, pronounced Yahaya as the winner. According to the report, Yahaya Bello won with 406,222 votes. Bello overcame 24 other opponents, including Musa Wada from PDP, who had 189,704 votes in the election. Bello knew it but confirmed his position via the offer of returning certificate by the INEC-independent Electoral Commission. This is confirmation of his expectation of winning the leadership position in the gubernatorial election.

According to his statement, it wasn’t up to some hours of the reception of his returning certificate from the INEC in Lokoja. This is in confirmation of his claims as to the rightful winner of the gubernatorial election of November 16 th , 2019.

The Governor May Have Foreseen His Victory

The Governor claims that he was not interested in the fact that he won; his major interest lies in the degree of the landslide. He had told people before the proclamation that the margin of defeat will bamboozle his opponents. According to his statement, he won’t have any reason whatsoever to face the tribunal with any of his rivals.

The returning Governor, however, beckoned on everyone who had contested with him from the primary election period to the finals to join him in State building. He thinks that the State is there and needs a concerted effort to move it forward. All citizens of Kogi State are obliged to help notwithstanding the party to which they belong, he stated.

According to his statement, the state is filled with diverse ethnic groups, yet during the election, he was able to operate above ethnic challenges. Ethnicity has been the monster keeping the State in an underdeveloped stage in the past. Therefore everyone must shun it now.

In the election, ethnicity was no longer a menace to growth as he had won overwhelmingly within three senatorial zones. Therefore, seeing the task ahead, the Governor thinks that both Kogi State citizens with other dwellers must work to build in unity. This he thinks could be accomplished via mutual understanding and proper collaboration and coordination.

Comrade Oshiomhole Adams, the APC National Chairman, guaranteed the people of the Governors’ intention to work hard. Adams, who went with him to the State Houses, affirmed the Governor’s transformation skills and plans concerning the state.

Comrade Oshiomhole thinks that Bello’s victory proves that the Nigerian election should focus more on reality than sentiments. The president, he said, was happy for Bello and encouraged for more work, and with the period of trial, he will approach this second chance with caution.

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