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World Cup-Nigeria strives For FIFA Approval



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The Under twenty world cup will hold in Nigeria if they meet the conditions

It will be very interesting if the NFF will succeed in hosting the U-20 world cup. According to the reports reaching us, the two associations in charge of football in Nigeria are bent on it. Presently, there’s a joint effort from the Nigerian Football Federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development to meet all FIFA requirements for such a great period.

The State of Affairs on the U-20 World Cup

Many football enthusiasts have been wondering whether there’s hope for the country to host millions of people from all over the world. We all know that the women’s world cup is not just exciting but always entertaining. So, hosting such a great event successfully will be a plus for the country.

According to the Assistant of the YSD Minister, there was an inspection tour of the MKO Abiola Stadium in Abuja by the Minister and other stakeholders. After the event, the Minister thinks that their plans will work, and the country will witness the battle for the cup at home.

From the Minister’s statements, our sources learned that FIFA had sent a team to last August probably for the plans. He also implied that the team would soon come back to Nigeria, hopefully, for further inspection.

The Minister further disclosed that the two football bodies in Nigeria are planning to host the matches in one single city.

Lagos May Likely Host the Under 20 Women World Cup

From all indications, Lagos State may soon witness the massive entrance of different football enthusiasts and supporters from all over the world. The Minister pointed this out while speaking after their tours. However, he also emphasized that they’re still reviewing the whole FIFA conditions.

From what he said, they will provide 11 pitches for practice, 2 Stadia, Security, Medical facilities, Network, etc. According to him, the two football bodies are presently reviewing their readiness for all these conditions. The truth he said is that the time is short, and to provide all these requirements by January might be challenging. However, he is enthusiastic that they’ll soon have an answer for FIFA

He further stated that getting the right to host the cup is not enough. All these facilities must be ready before January to ensure a smooth sail during the world cup.

The minister’s stance shows that they’re trying their best to see if it will be possible given the limited resources and time.

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