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Why PDP lost Bayelsa state – Gov. Dickson




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Governor Dickson of Bayelsa State reveals why PDP lost in the state

According to the governor’s statement, APC allegedly took over the government seat in the State by force. He claims that Lyon’s victory was a terrible mistake and quite unfortunate.

What Led to The Statement

On Tuesday, there was a press conference that was hosted at the conference centre in Harold Dappah Onopa Villa Yenagoa in Bayelsa State Capital. It was during this conference that Governor Dickson opened up.

The information that got to our table is that Henry Seriake Dickson, who is the governor of Bayelsa State, made some disclosures. To quote his statement, the said governor visited the former President Jonathan for about 16 times. The reason for the visits was for them to agree on the appropriate PDP candidate who can pay homage to both of them.

According to him, it is his attempt to support a candidate who people believe is not in support of him or his restoration government as the People’s Democratic Party’s flag bearer. As a result, he can shoot down such a candidate 100 times if the person is presented to him.

His continued to say that, during this transition, Dickson visited the former President Goodluck Jonathan around 16 good times. He requested a meeting with the president so that both of them can agree on the appropriate candidate who they both can hold a hand. He said that as a governor who has been on seat for eight years, there is no way he will back a candidate who is trying to humiliate him or doesn’t support his leadership as the PDP flag bearer.

He continued to say that anyone who is advising for such an ambition doesn’t mean him, the former president, or the party well. After all, he says, whoever wins will make them his people.

Governor Dickson continued further to say that APC’s {All Progressives Congress} forceful takeover of the State is their desperate bid and foothold to snatch Bayelsa or Niger Delta State from the hands of PDP.

According to his statement, starting from day one, APC’s plan is to take control of Bayelsa by any means possible. They do not care who the flag bearer is. As a result, they brazenly robbed the election and now looking for a way to justify their evil act. Thus you now see them taking their candidate to Jonathan, the former President and his wife. They are desperately seeking for justification to their brazen evil acts.

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