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We Can Beat the Best Football Team –Liverpool Boss



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Klopp announces his team’s readiness to take on any side any day

We kind of like the strength and the boldness which the Liverpool Boss exudes. According to Klopp, his team has all it takes to take the toughest, strongest, and the most stubborn team any day. He made this announcement during a press conference to show that he believes what he said.

During the conference, the Liverpool Jurgen Klopp their fans that the team has no reason to fear any other team. From his statement, the players don’t feel inferior facing any team and will also play with boldness on Sunday in Manchester City.

The beginning of the season was very favourable for the reds until Pep Guardiola’s champions spoiled their roll with a 2-1 winning in January. That was the one time beating that the reds received in their games. The beating affected them. But it seems that they’re heading towards this weekend’s game with 10 amazing wins from the total of eleven matches they’ve played.

City hasn’t been too favoured because they’ve lost two games and came out a draw in one of their games. This outcome will keep them behind Klopp’s champions by nine points if they lose.

Klopp’s Team to Take on Guardiola’s charges

Liverpool boss believes that his team can face Guardiola’s charges. According to him, if the question is whether they can beat the best football team now, the answer will be a loud yes. He also pointed out that the team is small, but they can hold down their fort when necessary. Klopp didn’t deny that Liverpool can also do better with a little improvement as there are still some lapses. However, he insisted that he wouldn’t want to make his team smaller.

He concluded by saying that the present strength of anyone is not what matters. Where the focus should be is what they’ll become in time to come. Klopp emphasized that it is necessary to look towards the future, and that is all they ask. As for their strategy, he stated that they will always take every step higher by performing at their best.

We can all relate to the Liverpool Boss because once you perform at a steady pace, not minding the challenges, you’ll always appear at the next level. We can only watch and encourage them to do better.

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