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Tokyo Completes Stadium in Preparation for Olympics 2020



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All the necessary construction for the Tokyo Stadium is now complete, and the country is ready to host next year’s Olympic Games.

According to what the owners disclosed on Tuesday the 19 th of November 2019, the National Stadium in Tokyo is now completed and awaiting final checks. Apart from completing the construction work, the Sports Council of Japan has affirmed that all it awaits now is the safety and quality checks from the constituted authorities. Once the check is complete, they hope to open up the Stadium in December.

The information reaching us from our sources suggests that the opening day for the new stadium will be the 21 st of December 2019. Also, we’ve gathered that the first game to open the stadium is the Emperor’s Cup soccer final. This game will be played on the 1 st of January 2020.

More about The Tokyo Stadium

From what we were able to gather, the stadium cost $1.25 billion to complete it. It can accommodate up to 60,000 sports enthusiasts any day. Moreover, the stadium will be hosting the soccer and athletics events when the games kick-off.

We learned that construction of the stadium started in 2016 December to be precise. According to our information, the start date was not the original date but was delayed for fourteen months. The reason being that the first design didn’t sit well with the people due to the costs involved.

One of the results of delaying the stadium was that Tokyo couldn’t host the Rugby World Cup. This game was supposed to be held in it, but it failed due to the lateness.

We also gathered that the Tokyo Stadium is amongst the 8 venues that were selected to host the Games in Tokyo. Right now, some of the venues have been completed, while a few others will be ready even before the games start.


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