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There May Be More Attacks against the Oil Sector-Coordinator- Presidential Amnesty program



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Prof. Charles Dokubo, the Coordinator of PAP and Special Adviser to the President, receives warning from the Ijaw Unity Rally And peace Conveners.

The information got to our table today that the coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme and special adviser to the president is getting warnings from the IURP conveners. It seems that the able Professor Dokubo is threatening the FG with more violence waves in the Niger Delta Region, which is oil-rich. That is if he is not reappointed.

According to the statement of Ijaw Unity Rally and peace Coordinator on Sunday, every stakeholder must help to sustain the reigning peace in Niger Delta Region. He continued by urging Prof. Dokubo to call back his loyalists. If not, the Prof. will be liable to all the attacks on the Region’s oil facilities.

What Led to the Warning?

There is an online statement from Vanguard Newspapers, which brings attention to the showboating of a particular man. This particular man who masquerades as RNDA (The Reformed Niger Delta Avengers) is well-known as a loyalist of the present Coordinator of PAP. According to a quote online in the Vanguard, this jobless and lazy reformist says that “he is going to bring down the economy of the nation through organized attacks on the Niger Delta oil facilities.

According to the reformist, these coordinated attacks will become effective if the President fails to reappoint Prof. Charles Dokubo as his Special Adviser and as PAP Coordinator due to the blackmail and manoeuvrings of purported cabals.

In his statement, this desperado, who is a notorious Kalabari man in Rivers State, tagged himself ‘ Major General’ Johnmark Ezonnbi. But then, those who know this hustler very well states he is all air without substance. He can’t even shoot an ordinary catapult {rubber sling}. His Bravado is just because he is aspiring to replace his Town brother in the Amnesty Office as the Head of Reintegration.

Contrary Views

Apart from this hustler with ulterior motive, every other Niger Delta former agitator who is listed in the PAP has contrary views. They all think that Prof. Dokubo is no longer suitable for the post of PAP coordinator.

According to them, the highest threat to peace, security, and safety in the Region are Prof. Dokubo. They went on to say that the increasing Niger Delta oil theft cases, which rendered President Buhari incapable of funding the FG budget is due to the gross ineptitude of the Professor himself.

They are quite amazed that Prof. Charles Dokubo is still parading himself as the Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty program. That is when there numerous monumental corruption cases that are connected to him and his loyalists.

They have come to an agreement to send their direct message to Charles Dokubo saying, " stop your threats to the nation and the President with increased waves of militant operations in Niger Delta.

After all, all the freedom fighters and youths in Niger Delta have renounced violence for a long time and will never go back to it no matter the prodding of Dokubo and his hirelings.

Overall, all the enlisted members of the Presidential Amnesty Programme collectively wish the President to replace Prof. Dokubo with someone with a perfect understanding of the Amnesty Program.


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