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Sudan signals it may send former dictator Omar al-Bashir to ICC



Talks resolve to send ‘those who face arrest warrants’ for war crimes to The Hague

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Omar al-Bashir is accused by the international criminal court of criminal responsibility for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

Sudan has suggested it is prepared to hand over the former dictator Omar al-Bashir to the international criminal court in The Hague to face trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The decision marks a dramatic shift from the previous official position of the country’s new rulers, though observers warned that many obstacles still needed to be overcome before the 76-year-old reached a court room.

The exact details of how and when the ex-president might be handed over are unclear, and apparently depend on a comprehensive peace deal between authorities and rebels. There are also doubts about the support of Sudan’s powerful military for such a move.

Bashir has been in prison in Khartoum since being forced from power in April, when security forces withdrew their support for his repressive regime after months of protests.


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