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Since Nigeria is Hopeless, Why Should I Remain? Says Peter Obi



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The former Anambra State governor Mr Peter Obi warns Nigeria against allowing her citizens to become hopeless.

According to the former governor, the worst thing that can happen to any country is allowing its people to develop a sense of hopelessness.

In his speech, the former presidential candidate PDP running mate said if there is no hope why remain there? just imagine yourself as a Christian attending church service on Sunday to hear your pastor declare that the breaking news is No More Heaven! That will be devastating to the hearer, of course.

According to Peter Obi, he is not a believer in brain drain. A person’s asset is the knowledge they possess. If there is somebody somewhere that is in need of your knowledge, you will definitely make it available to the person. The simple fact is that everyone wants to be needed and go where they are needed.

If the Nigerian government doesn’t want you, you can’t continue to waste away here.

Reasons For the Speech

It is common knowledge that the Nigerian youths are running away from the country in droves. The country is under brain drain due to the overall leadership failure effects over the past years. If you are not needed in Nigeria, why remain and waste your life away here? The leaders have failed, and youths no longer have hope of survival in Nigeria.

Peter Obi continued to say that two particular facts drive a nation’s economy. There is no country that has sufficient resources. However, they shouldn’t encourage their citizens to become hopeless. If people find out that there is no more hope, there is no reason for them to remain there at all.

According to his speech, what drives the world is hope. If he finds out that Nigeria is hopeless, why stay back here to commit suicide? In fact, the people that succumbed to the brain drain are not due to the pay they get. The reason is that they no longer have hope in Nigeria. Even some of the medical doctors that came back to Nigeria committed suicide.

According to the former governor, his son refuses to come back to Nigeria because; his worth will never be appreciated. Instead, he will get work due to whose son he is and not under his own merit or qualification. As a result, it is better for him to remain abroad where he is just the guy next door.


In his speech, the former governor of Anambra State appealed to the leaders to start building hope for the youth. When they have a sense of hope in the nation, they are likely to stay back home. He advised them to make more investments in science-related and ICT courses. Most especially since they are going to be the world’s future.

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