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Senate Spokesperson Loses post to Opponent



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Nigerian Appeal Court fired Senator Dayo Adeyeye and picked his opponent instead.

A Kaduna State court of appeal has sacked the senate spokesperson Adeyeye. The court also mandated INEC to issue the certificate of returns to Sen. Biodun Olujimi who was challenging him in the race. Let’s recall that the Senator has already celebrated his winnings after the race. Unfortunately, it seems he rejoiced too soon.

After the election on the 23 rd of February, the tribunal declared senator Adeyeye as the winner of the Senate Spokespersons post. Well, the tribunal also proclaimed that his opponent Biodun Olujimi is the authentic winner. Well, now, the court has reversed the announcement by making Olujimi the real winner.

Adeyeye reacts against the judgment

We can’t blame him because it’s too embarrassing to be stripped of your position after the whole celebration. However, when the Senator expressed his dissatisfaction over the judgment, the court stood its ground.

Let’s recall that Senator Adeyeye served as a spokesman to PDP. Then he couldn’t stop criticizing the All Progressive Congress. After this judgment, he went to the Appeal court to see if there’s a way to cancel what the tribunal has ruled. Unfortunately, Wednesday sitting simply solidified the stance of the tribunal. This hearing was in Kaduna and the Justice in charge Uzor Anyanwu stamped and sealed the judgment by the tribunal.

Justice Anyanwu took it further by asking the Independent National Electoral Commission to give the certificate of return to the rightful winner. Senator Biodun Olujimi. But let’s not forget that after February 23 election, INEC announced that Senator Dayo Adeyeye won the National Assembly 2019 election.

Controversies Surrounding the February 23rd Election

We can’t be too surprised with the appeal court ruling about Adeyeye appointment as the Senate spokesman. After the announcement, the incumbent senator Olujimi challenged it. The senator was serving as a representative of the senatorial district. However, after the announcement, she argued that her scores were more in the election.

Well, she wrote a petition asking the Tribunal to cancel the victory which Adeyeye was celebrating. According to her, the election had many unexplainable irregularities. The said winner was serving ardently in PDP while APC was his target for antagonism. Surprisingly, a few weeks before the election, he left his party and joined APC.

About the switch, we got the report that Adeyeye had a fallout with the party leaders in Ekiti which led to joining APC and securing the election tickets.


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