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Poultry Farmers Supports Border Closure



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The Association states that closing the borders will help to improve the economy

While most Nigerian businessmen and women recount their difficulties stemming from the border closure, the poultry farmers rejoice. Well, we can’t blame them because, if we can’t import frozen foods anymore, the next alternative will be our local poultry. According to our sources, the President of the association, Mr Ezekiel Ibrahim, supports the decision of the Government to close the borders.

From what the PAN President said, this move, in their opinion, will help to boost agriculture, particularly poultry farming activities.

Ibrahim Stated That the Nigerian Government Took the
Right Decision.

While speaking during the 9 th Poultry Show held in Ogun State, the President of the association opined that the move is a good initiative. According to him, the Federal Government has the people’s interest at heart. He emphasized that closing the land borders is a step towards an imminent introduction of the country’s agricultural prowess internationally.

Although Ibrahim was not present at the occasion, he passed his opinion through a representative, Prince Josep Aladesuyi. Joseph is the National Secretary for PAN, and the program was tagged Nigerian Poultry Industry: Managing the Value Chain For National Development.”

The president of the association also emphasized their support by appreciating the Government for closing the borders. He pointed out that the action which the federal government took has created lots of job opportunities for Nigerians.

He went on to implore the Nigerian Government for full support in reducing the challenges which the sector face when sourcing for funds. According to Ibrahim, the farmers usually pay high rates as interest for bank loans.

According to him, the rates are too exorbitant, and it’s affecting their overall productivity and returns. He pleaded the Government to put mechanisms in place to ensure that the CBN Anchors Borrower Program will be given to genuine farmers. Well, the President is somehow pointing out that the program is not reaching the people who are truly farming.

Other points About the Border closure

An important figure, who also spoke during to program is Premier Feeds General Manager. Austin Daylop pointed out that the industry is saturated with unwholesome practices that must stop for better health. He admonished the corner-cutting farmers about the health hazards they’re cooking.

He further noted that broilers might soon go extinct if the border remains inaccessible for imports. However, he supported the idea of closing the border, citing China that closed theirs for forty years. According to him, the move will benefit the citizens economically.

Another member who spoke, Dr Bode Adetoyi, pointed out that closing the border will ensure that the citizens eat local Nigerian chickens. According to him, the industry can provide 200 million birds for the citizens’ consumption locally.

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