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People’s Democratic Party Youth Network Rejects Soldiers



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The youth network of PDP is warning the military against the soldier’s deployment.

The youth network of PDP is warning the military against a soldier’s deployment. People’s Democratic Party youths reject the deployment of military for Nov. 16, 2019 governorship election coming up in Bayelsa State.

Comrade James Oputin who is the PDP Youth Network secretary General alleged that during the last elections, the military was carrying out their duties with bias. According to him, a photographer from Government house was shot to death during the previous election by a military man in uniform. Other victims of the last Election Day attack were Mr Reginald Die and one Mr Oweikorogha, who is a Ward leader of PDP. From our investigations, the attack was
around the Southern Ijaw LGA on February 23, 2019, Election Day.

Comrade Oputin alleged that the military planned with the All Progressive Congress militants to carry away the materials for election. Also, he said that the military was part of the highest election rigging known in the history of Bayelsa State. As a result of the soldier’s aid, APC was able to gain victory in the previous senatorial election.

Actions that Follows The Warning

Comrade James Oputin advised the INEC (Independent Electoral Commission) not to use soldiers again. He alleged that they have suspicious intent which is detrimental to the Bayelsa electoral process and INEC’s credibility.

Also, Oputin called on the International Community, Civil Society World, Civil Liberty Organization, and Amnesty International who are the human rights organization for help. He called them to stand with him in his defence of the Bayelsa people’s right of electing their prospective leader without molestation and assassination.

According to Comrade James Oputin, it is the duty of INEC to strictly follow the electoral laws which state that the police will provide sufficient security during elections. He also added that any contrary action to that means the intention of subverting the people’s will during the election. That is; carrying out the plot of the guilty parties in manipulating and defrauding the electoral process with the help of the military.


According to Oputin, the best action for INEC to take security-wise is to use the Nigerian Navy’s escorts for the election materials. He also said that the Navy representatives that worked during the previous election were okay. They exhibited a high amount of significant professionalism as well as exemplary conduct. As a result, they are the best people to call on, says Comrade James Oputin.

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