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PDP Will Win in the Governorship Election Come Saturday-Anthony George-Ikoli



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The People’s Democratic Party upholds inclusiveness and protects the minority

As both aspirants for the Bayelsa Governorship seats approach, the battle line, statements, and declarations continue to flood the media. The recent news we gathered is from the Bayelsa former Attorney General, stating that his party, PDP will win in Bayelsa as the records have seen since 1999. While many top politicians in the party are defecting to APC, the governorship candidate is unwavering in his beliefs.

Let’s recall that Chief George-Ikoli was once the Attorney General and the Justice Commissioner in Bayelsa state. According to him, PDP is not going to lose but continue ruling in the State. The Chief believes that the people of Bayelsa will not be deceived with the promises of APC. Instead, they’ll vote PDP because the party has better plans for the State.

Reasons For the Confidence

The PDP governorship candidate in the upcoming Bayelsa election stated that his party is the best for the State. According to him, the People’s Democratic Party has many plans to take the State forward. He urges the Bayelsans to think hard while deciding for their governor because PDP practices a process that promotes inclusiveness and protection for the minority.

George-Ikoli also advised the people of Bayelsa to be wary of changing parties to a group that has no direction. According to him, it is better to stay and help in rebuilding the People’s Democratic Party to what the founders had in mind. The former Justice Commissioner believes that the State should not change parties because that’ll be a very risky gamble.

The Chief further stated that he doesn’t ever believe what political commenters say because it’s always hard to differentiate objectivity and agenda. Instead, he believes that PDP will win because they have deep roots in the State and has been winning for many years.

George Ikoli Supports the PDP Candidate

While speaking to our sources, the chief didn’t mince words in encouraging the Bayelsa people to vote for the PDP candidate. According to George, Senator Diri is the best candidate to sit on the governorship seat because he’s presently a serving senator. Since he’s been protecting the interest of his people, district, state, and region in that capacity, he’ll even do more as a governor.

He further urged the people to concentrate on David Lyon and Douye Diri and not the outgoing governors who should be stepping down.

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