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PDP at Loggerheads with APC over November 16 th Governorship Election



The people’s democratic party is not about to accept the APC wins in Bayelsa.

The two popular parties in Nigeria continue to battle each other over the outcome of the governorship election in Bayelsa State. Right now, the reports reaching our desks confirms that PDP is threatening to take APC to the tribunal. Their insistence that the ruling party robbed them in Kogi and Bayelsa States is arousing the curiosity of the polity.

Sen. Douye Diri Rejects INEC announcement.

The gap between the APC candidate David Lyon and the PDP candidate Douye Diri was surprisingly vast. Given that the People’s Democratic Party has been ruling in Bayelsa for many years now, we expected a little show of appreciation from the people. Instead, it seems that people are tired of their governance.

We can’t say on what grounds, but the PDP candidate that lost made a strong declaration that APC robbed him in the election. According to him, both the Nigerian Army and the Independent National Electoral Commission were in on the conspiracy.

But is this true? Well, according to Professor Faraday Orumwense, Diri got 143,172 votes, while Lyon had 352,552 votes. While Diri won in only two councils, Lyon won in six local governments.

People’s Democratic Party’s Results States Otherwise.

Even with the laid out results which INEC announced, Diri insists that he won Lyon. According to him, the APC candidates did not win him in any of the local governments. Diri also pointed out that court judgment indicates that APC didn’t have any ballot, which renders all its votes void.

Diri went ahead to explain that APC was not supposed to be a part of the Bayelsa governorship election according to the legal provisions. He accused INEC of foul play since they didn’t show the court order that allowed APC to participate.

In his statement, the court had disqualified APC before Election Day. On this note, Dr Don Osusu had asked INEC to produce a court order qualifying APC to participate in the election. According to Diri, INEC ignored the PDP agent.

So, on this ground, Diri is calling the Independent National Electoral Commission to come out and change the results showing him the winner of the election. Apart from the PDP candidate, many politicians have rejected the INEC results as a sham and a mockery to democracy.

For instance, the other competing parties such as DPP, NPC, APGA, UPP, etc., have also rejected the results which INEC announced.

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