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Pator Adeboye leads protest against killings,insecurity



General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Pastor Enoch Adeboye is among protesters marching against killing and insecurities in the country.

The match is against general insecurities and killings in the country, especially in the northern states.

The match commenced at 11 am after pastor Adeboye ended the service at the National Headquarters of the church in Ebute Metta, Lagos.

There have been rising insecurities across the nation in recent times, and this has lead to calls from some quarters for the president to sack the service chiefs.

A senator from Abia state, senator Abaribe went as far as calling on the president to step down as he has failed to protect the citizen of the country.

President Buhari did not help matters when he admitted that the killings and insecurities in the nation actually took him by surprise.

In the latest killings, an aspiring young catholic priest who was among four students that were kidnapped from a seminarian in Kaduna have been found dead.

During his campaign for the presidential election in 2014 president Buhari had asked then President Goodluck Jonathan to resign as he had failed to secure the nation.

Interestingly, Vice President of Nigeria is an ordained senior pastor of the Redeemed Christian church of God.

It remains to be seen how the Nigerian government will react to Adeboye’s protest march.

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