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Operation Positive Identification is Unnecessary- YCE



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Yoruba elders feel that the military OPI is a misplaced priority

According to Yoruba elders, the recent operation positive identification exercise which the military is executing is unnecessary. Well, the elder’s opinion is that the exercise is not what the country needs right now. The Yoruba Council of Elders believes that the movement is going to distract the nation from important things such as curbing crimes. In their opinion, the government should concentrate on safety and protection against miscreants who’re carrying out these evil acts.

The elders made these statements after their meeting in Ibadan on the 6 th of November 2019. The YCE also pointed out that President Buhari’s action of signing a bill in another country is not impressive at all. Moreover, if the military focuses on OPI now, who will protect the citizens against the likes of extremists such as Boko Haram, Herdsmen, and ISIS? YCE stated that the

military doesn’t need such distractions now. Instead, if the exercise must hold, let it be for the North East parts of Nigeria and not for the whole country.

YCE Reactions to Signing the Bill

The elders of Yorubaland don’t support the president for signing a bill while in the UK. From what they are implying, it seems that the Nigerian Government is not organized. In a more organized country, the president should have delegated his VP to carry out such matters when he is outside the country. Well, it’s unexplainable for now as to why Buari will be working from the United Kingdom when he has a vice. The council believes that there is an active representative in Aso rock, but it seems the president doesn’t recognize the office.

This incident took the YCE back to memory lane to recall their last call for restructuring Nigeria. Then, they observed that one of the reasons for many crises in the country is due to the centralization (Unitary) system of government.

In their opinion, if the president doesn’t change this system by restructuring the country, he will not achieve his dream of eradicating poverty. Let’s recall that one of Buhari’s agenda is to bring out 100 million citizens from poverty. Well, even though its a good one, YCE believes that the dream will become a reality if Buhari drops the unitary system.

The council made lots of observations and comments about the wave of crime and insecurity engulfing the country. They also implored the president and the National Assembly to take important steps in building the country.

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