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Okorocha Planned to privatize Imo but God intervened!-Maria Mbakwe



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Maria, the women leader, PDP Imo state, highlights Uche Nwosu’s failure in the 2019 election as God’s work to save Imolites. According to her statement, the Emeka Ihedioha’s victory mapped a step to redemption.

Okorocha’s plan to replace himself with his son-in-law was a way to put Imo in perpetual prison. During this interview, Chief Mrs Mbakwe showcased the numerous faults of Rochas. She exposed his secret plan to privatize and control the state. His plan would have been to run the state like a family business via Uche Nwosu. She let the cat out of the bag in many cases while speaking in this interview.

Mrs Mbakwe’s opinion and experience over the last tenor of the Okorocha When asked her experience with the former governor of Imo state, she said opposition parties had sad moments. Okorocha silenced any opposition parties especially PDP.

Mrs Mbakwe revealed the party’s plans to overthrow him by 2019, which worked out. The people’s act of voting APC out showed the extent of Okorocha evils in Imo. The women leader said that Emeka’s government has a lease of life already.

The sins of Okorocha-Mrs Mbakwe

Mrs Mbakwe said Okorocha was burying statues. He was a fetish and focused on beautification only. Imo became an object to ridicule and caricature as workers’ salaries and pensions stocks. Local Government allocations were diverted. He intimidated all.

What it took Imo, PDP, to stop him

Mrs Mbakwe revealed that Okorocha stored the money from the federal government in his house. God intervened in his privatization plans. His victory could have been the top tsunami of the year in Imo.

The court case against Ihedioha is useless. People have rejected him, so the further case against the people’s choice is futile. When asked where she thinks Emeka should focus, “Emeka is experienced” it didn’t take him much time to take stock of the happenings of the state, she said.

Mrs Mbakwe further explained that the Governor had commissioned the ignored Ogboko road. Concerning the Supreme Court verdict on Atiku versus Buhari election tribunal, she said that illiterates have the right to franchise. For women in the post, she advised them to show concern and respect to others. She applauded the First Lady of Imo for empowering in 305 wards, 600 women already. Mrs Ebere Ihedioha did this with a back-up promise of equipping them before she leaves the office.

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