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Obasanjo Lands A UN Appointment



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The former president of Nigeria will now be working as a high-level advisory employee in the
United Nations.

The breaking news today is that Olusegun Obasanjo has landed a United Nations appointment. According to our sources, he will be working under the UN High-Level Advisory Board on Mediation. We also learned that he was not the only one who got the position. The United Nations also employed seventeen other global leaders who have served or still serving their countries. So, 17 global leaders are currently serving at an advisory capacity for the newly
established board.

Let’s recall that Antonio Gutierrez, who is the present secretary-general of the United Nations, announced that they had established the board last two months. According to him then, the aim of creating it is to provide the insight he needs to facilitate mediation initiatives. Apart from that, they also want to support some of the mediation efforts which other countries of the world are making.

More about the Board

From what the secretary-general disclosed, the board presently has 18 members made up of leaders who are in the office and those who have left. Also, amongst the eighteen members are some experts that have diverse contacts, experience, knowledge, and skills on the common goal. Well, kudos to the former Nigerian president for landing such a job amongst the selected few.

According to what Antonio Gutierrez explained, the UN High-Level Advisory Board on Mediation stands to promote peace. It supports his strategy, which is to use diplomacy in everything to maintain peace. The board will also help to carry out the prevention and mediation work which the United Nations has been doing.

Moreover, the 18-leaders Board will facilitate the UN to reach into many organizations, both government and non-governmental entities, who carry out mediation globally.

UN Recognizes Obasanjo As Distinguished.

We can’t deny that the elder statesman is very influential, wise, and outspoken. During the announcement, the UN narrated several areas where Obasanjo’s presence and efforts have been recorded. For instance, they mentioned that he served as the President of Nigeria under the military regime.

Also, the body noted that he has since been active in carrying out mediation activities globally in places like Namibia, Angola, Mozambique, Burundi, South Africa, etc.

Most importantly, the UN body noted that Obasanjo had served before in 2008 as a Special Envoy to the UN Secretary-General. Others who got the appointment include leaders from Singapore, Mozambique, France, Finland, Algeria, Jordan, New Zealand, Indonesia, Tanzania, Chile, Sri Lanka, Liberia, United Kingdom, Haiti, etc.

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