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Nigeria Pre-paid Meters to Come From Russia



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Nigeria enters a business contract with Russia

Many attempts have been made to improve the electricity supply in the country. We believe that the federal government is taking the right step towards achieving it. On Friday, we learned that Nigeria & Russia would enter into a business arrangement that’ll ensure an influx of pre-paid meters into the country.

According to ACCI (Abuja Chamber of Commerce & Industry), the Memorandum of Understanding would aim at providing enough meters for the citizens. There has been a shortage of pre-paid meters in many states. But with this move, almost every house hopes to get its meters without stress.

From what we learned about the ongoing plans, the agreement is going to be between NT Power Nig. Ltd and Energomera, a Russian company, dealing in electrotechnical.

Recent Statements about the Business Agreement.

Yesterday being the 8 th of November 2019, the Media & Strategy Officer of the ACCI released a statement to announce the plans. According to Mr Lubem Gena, they have made all the preparations on this deal, and now, it’s on a more advanced stage. Everything that will ensure that it pulls through has been set, and they’re almost sure of it.

Gena went further to state that their reason for reaching out to Russia is to ensure that there will be no more shortages of Pre-paid meters in the country. So, after all the meetings and communications they have been exchanging with the Russian company, both parties have agreed to move forward. That’s why the MOU is now the next step towards finalizing the arrangements.

In his statement, Mr Gena disclosed that both parties took advantage of the Russia-Africa Business Forum last two months to conclude their discussions. Let’s recall that the forum was hosted in Sochi, and it seems the ACCI finalized the plans during that period.

Reasons for Investing in The Prepaid Meters

We all have experienced epileptic services from the power sector for a long time now. The Media & Strategy Officer for ACCI seems to be assuring us that they’ve also noticed and are going to do something about it.

According to him, these business plans will help to improve electricity distribution and cut down some unacceptable practices surrounding consumption and billing. He also disclosed that Nigeria’s NRBC and Professor Steve Ugbah had been the facilitators of this move. Prof. Ugbah is the Ambassador of Nigeria to Russia, and Kayode disclosed that he’s been the backbone behind the movement.

Kayode also stated that the official signing ceremony would be on the 17 th of November 2019 at the oncoming Future Energy Exhibition, Lagos.




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