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Key PDP Politicians in Bayelsa Defect to APC Few Days To Election



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Many key members of the PDP in Bayelsa has moved over to the ruling party just a few days
away from the election.

The reports reaching our desk confirms that many key members of the opposition party in Bayelsa State has jumped ship. The defectors are not just the ordinary members of PDP but high ranking members of the political party. We gathered that the House of Assembly Speaker in Bayelsa is amongst the runners. Rt Honorable Monday Obolo Bobou didn’t defect alone, but all his supporters followed him. The other person, according to our source, is the Southern Ijaw L.G Council Chairman. Also, we learned that a former adviser to the present Governor of the State Honourable Tony Oki is leading the troop.

It is quite shocking that these highly-respected figures abandoned their party and went over to the ruling party APC.

What is the Reason for this injury-time defecting

It is to be expected that the runners have reasons to leave the ruling party in Bayelsa for the opposition. According to the special adviser Tony Oki, they decided to abandon the People’s Democratic Party because Bayelsans seems to have done so too.

However, our sources reveal that all the defectors to APC are from the Ijaw south, the All Progressive Congress candidate home council. This implies that the honourable member of PDP are showing their support to their own person even it means abandoning the ship.

It was Toni Oki who disclosed the fact that Bayelsa people are tired of the People’s Democratic party and want to change. Oki also stated that they’ve discovered that the candidate of APC David Lyon has better plans for the State.

APC reactions Over the New Entrants

The new entrants we could uncover assured the All Progressive Congress that they’ll win the governorship seat in Bayelsa. While receiving the members in Ijaw South, David Lyon confidently stated that APC would win PDP in the forthcoming governorship. The party carried out rallies in many locations in Ijaw South, such as Peremabiri, Oporoma, Olugbobiri, and Ekowe.

It was during these rallies that the party candidate welcomed the newest members and also promised the people to right everything PDP messed up in the State. Lyon further promised to provide social amenities and revive the Rice farm in Peremabiri for more food production and employment opportunities.

Also, David Lyon promised the Bayelsans that he’d make the Ekowe Polytechnic one of the best in the country. He finally won the people’s heart by disclosing that he implored Agip to give electricity to the host communities, and right now, they’ve granted the plea and have started the process.

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