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Kano APC Disclose A Possible Failure for the Opposition Party In Appeal Court



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PDP may not get the results they hoped for in the appeal court as APC denies accusations.

According to the Kano State APC body, the People’s Democratic Party may face disgrace for their falsehood against the ruling party. From what the All Progressive Alliance in Kano stated, the opposition party is spreading lies and raising an unnecessary alarm against the Appeal Court. From what we gathered, it seems that PDP is accusing the ruling party of plans to disrupt the judicial process in the State.

The People’s Democratic Party is accusing APC of wanting to choose the judges that will preside over the governorship election in the State. That is one very heavy accusation to which the All Progressive Alliance denies vehemently.

APC has stated clearly that PDP is lying against the candidate and the party as a whole. According to them, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje is not in any way influencing or planning to handpick the judges. The PDP accusation is merely cheap blackmail targeting the Kano State Appeal Court. The party implies that from all indications, the People’s Democratic Party is afraid that they will lose at the appeal court and are now jittery over it.

The Information Commissioner, Malam M. Garba, signed a statement stating that the party has no plans of such. But, even if it happens, the court will decide on the judge to use over the proceedings since it’s their constitutional right. Garba also pointed out that what matters in the case is justice for the right candidate.

Malam Garba’s Reactions over the Accusation

About the accusation from PDP, the Information Commissioner pointed out that PDP is always using falsehood to reject the outcome of many events. He reminded the polity that the opposition party did the same on the election case involving the Presidential battle and in the petition against the Governorship election.

Garba’s statement also pointed out that PDP opted for the law to handle its grievances, but now they still throw accusations against the same institution. He confirmed that All Progressive Alliance is confident that the ruling will be in their favour. But Garba also insisted that there are no plans whatsoever of disrupting the process.

Finally, the Information Commissioner assured interested parties that Kano State is very peaceful, and there’s no tension anywhere. Moreover, the government will prevent anything that will incite violence, no matter the source.

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