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Is Vision 2040 Another Oncoming Wasteful Fraud?



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It is only a man that repeats himself, but not history says Professor Barbara Tuchman from
Harvard University.

But then, even if everything is a joke, the Nigerian citizens should tell Buhari’s Administration that they don’t find it funny at all.

Apart from the initial visioning attempt in 1992, which was honest, other attempts foisted on Nigerians are scams. Nigerians are just suffering through the last year of the scam known as VISION 2020. This first-order scam was promoted by high-ranking members in the then Ya’Adua/Jonathan’s administration even though the UniJankara faculty was against it.

Late president Ya’Adua in 2009 listened to the erroneous advice of the CBN governor, Minister of State, and Minister of Finance to invest in VISION 2020 COMMITTEE. The mandate of the committee was to design a strategy for Nigeria to become among the top 20 economies globally come 2020. None of the project promoters said anything at the onset apart from UniJankara, who called it an illusion.

Based on the previous failures regarding visioning, you wouldn’t blame the citizens for rejecting wasting of the nation’s resources again for VISION 2040.

The target for the VISION 2020 was supposed to make Nigeria one of the 20 top economies in the whole world by 2020. That is quite a ridiculous aspiration when there is New Zealand, Israel, or Australia.

Is Nigeria Capable of Becoming a World-Leading Economy?

According to Professor Sagay 17 February 2009, Nigeria cannot even generate power to last more than 3 or 4 hours, but they are dreaming of becoming the number 20 biggest economy. It is quite crazy to believe in such a scam. He advised Nigerians to fight with every weapon at their disposal to stop the president at his wasteful advisers then.

According to studies, it will require up to 5 years to double any amount if it is growing steadily at 15% per annum. Also, 11 years of growth is needed at a 15% steady rate to make 4 ½ of the initial amount. This fact is common knowledge to every economist except the one that is ready for intellectual fraud. Even Usman, Babalola, Soludo, and other government workers are aware of this fact, so how come Nigerians are defrauded by VISION 2020?

In every percentage increase in the GDP of those at our front, the goal post moves away from us. The situation can get worse when the growth of their GDP becomes higher than ours within eleven years.

A nation that cannot achieve a double-digit growth previously and just lucked out by getting 6% in 2008 while expecting 8.2% come 2009, how are they expecting 12.5% by 2010 and onwards?

How sure are they in obtaining the high rate of investment that can double the present investment levels required to make VISION 2040 a reality?


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