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Guendouzi reveals the secret of his success in Football



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Matteo Guendouzi disclosed that his martial arts skills have helped to build his career.

Many people may find it hard to relate the two fields, but it seems that combining karate in football works magic. Well, that’s according to the Arsenal and French midfielder. We gathered from our sources that Matteo’s dad is an instructor in Martial Arts. This implies that the 20-year old Guendouzi was instructed too.

According to his recent interview, his background knowledge in karate is part of why he plays like a warrior. Yes, martial arts can change one’s mentality, and Matteo has just confirmed that. We can safely say that his warrior-like mentality has helped to take him farther than many in his industry.

He also stated in the interview that he is bold and strong enough even to confront the most revered players. This mentality and approach have helped the Arsenal midfielder, but it also gained him some yellow cards. For instance, in this premier league, Guendouzi has already acquired three yellow cards for himself. Let’s also recall that he earned twelve yellow cards last year. Even as it’s not a good one, it, however, shows Matteo as someone who puts his toughness out there in the pitch.

The Arsenal & French midfielder may have gotten many yellow cards, but that’s not all there’s to him. He is also impressive hard tackler who doesn’t mind sacrificing his body to help the team. According to the midfielder, he learned everything when he was playing karate as a young boy. Guendouzi’s Statements on His Success

The Arsenal midfielder tried to emphasize the important roles which karate skills played in his football career. He stated that the skill gave him a different mentality altogether and made him a fighter on the football pitch. When he is playing, the midfielder says his mindset is always centred on winning, and that’s why he’s always caught in the middle of duels.

Matteo also revealed that he did very well in karate too and even bagged the third position during one competition in his country. But he also stated that combining the two hasn’t been easy, but his flexibility is due to karate.

Also, Guendouzi pointed out that karate is one sport that can be very intense, and that’s why he’s always trying hard on the pitch.

This year has been very eventful in the midfielder’s football career. He hasn’t missed any game, and he’s always using the warrior-like mentality to attack every game. Matteo has proved to be a worthy replacement for Blaise Matuidi, who withdrew because of an injury in his ribs.

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