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Fashola Should Resign and Apologize For His Road comment-PDP



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The party called on the Minister to resign immediately since it seems that he’s not doing his work

We can’t fault the People’s Democratic Party in this reaction over Fashiola’s comment. If the Minister in charge of Works and Housing doesn’t know the deplorable state of our roads, then we’re in trouble. It shows his negligence or a poor attitude towards the plight of the citizens. One of the challenges of the citizens has been the bad roads in every state. So, he shouldn’t be the one to say that they are exaggerating the situation.

PDP issued a statement last Friday describing the Minister’s comments as being unfortunate. According to the party, Fashola should be apologizing to the citizens for not living up to expectations for four years now as a Minister.

PDP Calls The comment a Violent Assault

Someone may feel that the People’s Democratic Party is having its bout of exaggeration by calling Fashola’s statement an assault. But are they wrong? Well, it is left for the polity to decide. According to PDP’s statement, the Minister has assaulted the sensibility of the Nigerian citizens violently. Also, they insisted that this comment shows how unconcerned the present administration is towards the plight of the citizens. They noted that many of the citizens are suffering, and many have also died due to the dilapidated roads.

Therefore, the party believes that the comment was not a flippant one but something that has been discussed in the APC administration. According to them, the ruling party doesn’t care for the citizens and are looking for excuses to hide its failures.

Also, in its statement, the party pointed out that the citizens know how bad the roads have been for the past four years. They all know how traumatizing it has been to even travel on our major roads. Apart from that, the roads have become a threat to the lives of the Nigerians because accidents have been the order of the day for a long time now.

Still addressing the comment, PDP accuses the ruling party of thriving on the blame games, false performance reports, propaganda, and excuses. So, for the minister to claim that the roads are not as bad as we know, it means that the present administration is not planning on doing anything about them.

Finally, the party pointed out that Fashola once boasted that it’d take six months for a responsible Government to fix power issues.

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