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Expenditure Lines of the Presidency Under Query by Nigerians



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Expenditure Lines of the Presidency Under Query by

As the president is away on vacation in the United Kingdom, his aides were able to explain away the sack of 35 aides of the Vice President last week. According to them, the extreme action of the presidency is one of the measures the presidency is undertaking to cut the costs of running the government.

This issue brought to light the growing concerns of certain citizens who think that the presidential governance cost is quite alarming.

According to these concerned quarters, the current government system allows public officers who are below 5 million to spend above the nation’s annual budget. As a result, more than 190 million other people are not allowed access to national resources.

Literally speaking, the aides of the president seem to have a reasonable excuse for his sacking of 35 Nigerian citizens working under the Vice president. Even some of the critics are asking what the Vice President is working to need 35 or more aides for. Most especially, if you consider the height of unemployment in the Country.

But then, if you are to carefully evaluate a few of the expenditure lines of the Presidency for 2020 Appropriation Bill, which the National Assembly is reviewing presently, this argument will be deflated.

Comments About The 2020 Expenditure Lines

If you go by what the critics are saying, the expenditure lines are quite frivolous as well as unrealistic. Moreover, the nation’s revenue flow is extremely constrained.

According to critics, Nigeria’s humongous infrastructure is at a deficit. But yet, Buhari deems it fit to keep on allocating resources on expenditure lines, which the citizens find uncomfortable.

On the other hand, the revenues target expected from oil for 2020 is N2.64 trillion, non-oil revenue is up to N1.81 trillion, and other revenues such as Diaspora remittance and looted funds are N3.7 trillion. According to the Presidency list, the majority of these revenue expenditures are directed towards sewage evacuation, rent, refreshment, and replacing equipment that is still good.

That notwithstanding, the total expenditure on rent alone for the 2020 budget is N66,669,945,
while Plants and fuel generators will consume N45,678,55.

Also, the presidency will still spend extra N132,199,558 for lubricants and fuel, as well as
N67,950,392 for vehicle fuel.

Other Presidency Expenses

 Electricity Charges – N274,798,446
 Sewage evacuation – N45,418,735
 Internet access – N67,128,117
 Telephone charges – N23,861,251
 Water rate – N65,684,953
 Newspaper purchase – N26,432,346
 Refreshment – N4,517,445
 Sitting allowance and honorarium – N13,552,334
 Overhead – N20,391,700
 Miscellaneous – N18,069,779
For the president’s Chief Security Officer’s office;
 Lubricants and fuel – N61,710,000
 Overheads – N111,359,316

The question is, how will the presidency fund this budget when, according to the experts, there is a 21.10% deficit of the total expenditure N10.33 trillion as well as 2.1% for the projected N8.155 trillion revenue.


Due to the revenue deficit, the federal government has recently asked all the revenue-generating agencies to meet the target set for them. Any of the agencies that don’t deliver will be booted out.

Overall, hope is placed on proceeds from recoveries, which the media reports via judicial proceedings. The projection is that, if they are all accounted for, the federal government is likely to get up to N200 billion to take care of the budget.

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