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Drop the Bill on VAT Increase-PDP




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PDP Implore Senate to stand its grounds and reject the bill

It seems the People’s Democratic Party is looking out for the citizens with their recent plea on behalf of the people. In a recent development, the party is begging the Senate to stand solidly behind the Nigerian citizens. Let’s recall that the Federal Government presented a bill to the House in a bid to increase the Value Added Tax. From all indications, it seems the totality of the Nigerian citizens rejected it. But unfortunately, the Presidency is still pushing it to the Senate.

PDP’s Concerns Are Not Unfounded

The People’s Democratic Party may not be the ruling party, but their concerns about this bill seem to have roots. According to a statement the party released on Friday, the 8 th of November, the bill has successfully scaled through the second reading. From their statement, we learned that the lawmakers are yet to get the full details about the bill. But even at that, it seems that the VAT increase may soon become law.

We can understand the reason for the outcry since there seem to be some questionable twists to the process. The party is pointing out that the speed at which the bill is flying through the House is too suspicious to be ignored.

On this note, the People’s Democratic Party is reminding the House-Senate that Nigerians didn’t support even a percentage of such a bill. Nobody blames the citizens for rejecting it because it’s not easy to move from a VAT of 5% to 7.5%. We all know the adverse economic situation and its effect on the citizens. Any increase of such magnitude PDP says will further increase the sufferings of the Nigerian population.

Be the Representative of the Citizens

PDP implores the Nigerian National Assembly to do the needful and represent the people as they should. According to the Party, it is their constitutional role to look after the interest of the citizens who pay taxes to keep them in office.

The Party further begs them to mandate the Presidency to put wealth creation systems in place instead of imposing terrible taxes on the citizens. Also, PDP insists that the Nigerian National Assembly should ask for proper accounts and recovery systems of more than N14 trillion stolen from the oil sector. Finally, the party called on the House to stand firm and refuse the bill on behalf of the citizens.

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