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Director-General APC Governors Forum Mandates Oshiomhole two choices- Convene NEC Meeting or Resign



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Salihu Mohammed Lukman, the DG of PGF {Progressive Governors Forum}, decries the
the political condition of Edo State.

The Director-General is not happy at all with what is happening politically in Edo State. He laments bitterly that as one of the mentees of the APC National Chairman Comrade Oshiomhole, he finds it depressing to see his mentor reduced to an ordinary local champion by Mr Godwin Obaseki the State Governor.

That is why; he says that the way to move forward will be for the All Progressives Congress Chairman to call a meeting of NEC immediately or take an honourable resignation.

What Led to the Mandate

According to the PGF Director-General, the NWC {National Working Committee} is no more performing; in fact, it is a shadow of itself. The committee has lost many members yet cannot replace them, Progressive Governors Forum is the platform for all APC governors.

Lukman goes on to say that those of them who are privileged to be mentees of Comrade Oshiomhole is devastated to see him demoted to an ordinary local sectional leader. That is, he was devalued from his high position as a prestigious national leader.

Working as the National Chairman, Oshiomhole never appreciates the fact that he is responsible for a National constituency and not only the State constituency. No wonder he was intemperate in handling the affairs of Edo State. It would have been better if the national Chairman paid the same attention he exhibited while handling problems of Zamfara and Rivers states during 2019 elections, says, Lukman.

In his statement titled ” All Progressive Congress and Our Inconceivable Organizational Issues: Emergency Summons to the Leaders” Salihu also warns that disqualifying the Bayelsa State APC deputy governorship candidate may spell doom. The act can serve the party on a platter to PDP, as was the case in Rivers, Zamfara, and many other states, says Lukman.


Lukman goes on to appeal to the party leaders to take all the necessary steps required to vacate that judgment. They must make sure that APC participates in the oncoming polls.

He, therefore, solicits for a National Caucus or NEC meeting since it is the only way the party can rectify their ever-increasing organizational problems. He says that Comrade Oshiomhole should either adhere to the party’s constitution and call for a superior organization meeting or accept that he is incapable and resign honourably.

He declared that he wholeheartedly want their party’s public disgrace to end!

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