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Denying Igbo presidency is a taboo and closing of the border shows that we’ve failed as a Nation- Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa



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Sam Mazi, the current President of PSN- the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria who was the former chairman of the NESG-Nigerian Economic Summit Group, urged equity lovers to get a qualified presidential candidate for the 2023 election.

Sam Mazi described all individuals opposing an Igbo president as confusion artists and selfish people. According to his statement, those are the nation dividers, enemies, and agents of unhappiness. During this chat with the former President of the Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce, he focused on economic diversification, an increase in the minimum wage, and border closure.

Some of The Topics He Addressed

For justice, equity, and fairness, do you think the next president for the 2023 election should come from the southeast zone?

According to him, it’s magical extrapolation. People who wished the next president to come from the southeast are just fair. The north, east, west, as well as the south, has produced leaders while the southeast never has. So the former President of the Nigerian American Chamber ofCommerce believes that fairness requires consideration of the south easterners.

Sam thinks that it shows equity, and this could bring peace and unity if that is the wishes of Nigerians. Although he said that at a point in time, the natural order of ruling might not be necessary, yet he thinks that it has not gotten to that point. The constitution made provision for the selection of the presidential character. This same presidential character must apply since it cannot be altered overnight.

He said that all through the selection period, there has been a rule of selecting those whose turn it is to rule, why should there be noise now. Following the rule, geopolitically will give everyone the chance to rule, and at last, all will have enjoyed equal rights.

He beckoned on all people who love unity to assist in creating peace for the nation. But all those kicking against peace he said, “God will judge them”

Sam’s statement in connection to the closed border is that it is showing the country’s failure. It shows a lack of trustworthy custom officials as well as immigrants. The country is telling the world that she has failed. According to the ECOWAS agreement, trading across the border is free. Signing the African continental freedom of trade agreement and closing the border are two contradictory moves. The Nigerian structure promotes the rich and not the poor. The economy responds to accurate economic policies, not fancy.

According to Sam, the thirty thousand minimum wage will lead to inflation. Issues of labour disquiet will emerge as the most private sector cannot pay. Nigeria will survive when we learn to buy bullets and focusing on hard things. Payment of workers should base on productivity only; otherwise, there will be inflation. Payment should not be for reward in politic. According to his opinion, the minimum wage given is taken back through the VAT. The poor masses are punished via this method.

In accordance with the predicted oil-dryness in 20 years, he said there would be a great recession. With the oil on board, we are poor, not to talk of the scarcity of oil. To him, diversification of the economy is his best option.

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