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Buhari Fires 35 Aides of VP Osibanjo



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Image result for buhari and osinbajo"

Many speculate about the relationship between the Nigerian President and his VP

The news has been erratic about the president’s decision to sack Osibanjo’s assistants. If it were just one or two, the interests wouldn’t be so high. However, when you talk of 35 workers in Asorock, even the deaf will listen. On the 6th of November, 35 workers under the vice president lost their badges to the security personnel at the gate. According to an eye witness account, these people came to work as usual, but no one allowed them in after checking for their names on the list.

There was a prior notice before the sack

Our investigations into the current news revealed that the president didn’t wake up one morning and decided to sack the workers. We gathered that there was a prior notice about it, but they were all awaiting the final decision which the president gave on Tuesday night. Yes! He gave it while in London. At least that’s what the chief of staff said.

However, before this outcome, findings reveal that Buhari told his VP to get his approval on all the agencies he is supervising. Well, as to what the approval means, we’re yet to find out. But let’s recall that Osinbajo was initially in charge of the N-SIP (National Social Investment Program). Unfortunately, the president removed this agency under him and created a new ministry for it. That’s not the only one. VP Osinbajo was the chairman of the Economic
Management Team. It wasn’t long before the presidency replaced it by creating what he calls the Economic Advisory Council directly under his supervision and control.

Speculations About the recent presidential decisions

Many critics and analyzers have been making their opinion known about the action which the president took through his Chief of Staff. One of the speculations is that all is not right between the President and his VP. Although the presidency will love to prove otherwise, actions and events suggest that the duo is having issues.

Also, it seems that the Chief of Staff is becoming more popular. Let’s recall that Buhari stated in the November 5 the retreat that the CoS is in charge of appointments and communications from the ministers to him. So, we gathered that ministers now queue in the chief of Staff’s office in a bid to see Buhari. What an administration!

Another interesting comment about this incident came from Chief Uwazuruike of the Igbo Think-tank president general. He commented that it seems the president is tired of too much reasoning from the able professor Osibanjo.
Well, it appears to be so, but we will continue watching and reporting until the end.

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