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Buhari advises Muslims to Shun Killings, Violence, and Extremism



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According to him, the only big challenge which Muslims face is violent extremism.

Instead, they should use their religion to promote unity, love, and understanding, says Atiku. According to President Muhammadu Buhari, the best way Muslims can honour their Prophet Muhammad is to follow in his footsteps. He continued to say that the Prophet abhors violence, exhibits a peaceful disposition, as well as exceptional virtue of patience.

This advice is part of the goodwill message the president sent to the Ummah during their Mualud celebration. The celebration is hosted by the Muslims to commemorate their Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

Quoting the Senior Special Assistant on publicity and Media Malam Garba Shehu, Buhari states that “every Muslim should practice Holy Prophet Muhammad’s great virtues." He went on to say that the shining examples of the prophet are revered and historically famous. As a result, it stands a better chance of changing people’s attitudes much more than the best of sermons.

Some Of The Practices are Against Muhammad’s Belief

Killing off innocent people, kidnapping female students for forceful conversion and marriage is against the personal examples and teachings of Prophet Muhammad. The biggest challenge of Islam’s image today is violent extremism. Most misguided elements have hijacked the act while covering their criminal tendencies with religion.

He implored the Muslims to increase their vigilance so that they can stop and frustrate violent ideologies that have spread like wildfire. Thus, they are causing tragedies and human havocs all over the world.

He goes on to say that violent extremism is similar to cancer, which needs urgent attack at the early stages. It shouldn’t be allowed to become malignant and uncontrollable, thereby harming society.

Buhari also advised the Muslims against allowing their children to be enticed and become recruits of extremists who will surely destroy their future and life.

During his peaceful celebration wishes to the Muslim Ummah, Buhari urged the Muslims to use this event to promote their vows of increasing violence, peaceful coexistence, harmony, and love in Nigeria.

The president also sent his goodwill messages to Emirs of Daura Alhaji Faruk Umar Faruk; Kazaure, Najib Hussaini Adamu; Hadejia, also Alhaji Adamu Abubakar Maje Haruna as well as Gumel, Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Sani. These are the people in celebration of the festival “Sallar Gani."

Meanwhile, Atiku Abubakar, the former vice president, appealed to Muslims to use their religion as an instrument to promote unity, love, and understanding within the country. Atiku made this call in the statement through Paul Ibe, his Media Adviser in Abuja. According to him, the religious, cultural, and ethnic differences within the country should make all the religious leaders be alert at all times.

The former vice-president also appeals to the Muslim leaders to work harder towards fighting religious bigotry, which is the root cause of violence and hate within the country.

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