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Border Closure Repercussions May Linger for Ten Years



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Professor Anya O. Anya the Elder Statesman and Pioneer Chairman of NESG {Nigeria Economic Summit Group} declares that Nigerians are likely to suffer for 10 years due to the border closure.

An interesting interview which was conducted last Monday with Professor Anya O. Anya an 82 years Statesman revealed the dangers of the government emasculating the judiciary. The elder statesman was asked the way forward for Nigeria, and he had many things to reveal.

During the interview, Professor Anya declared that there are dangers in lopsided appointments for security. According to his statement, the present government is imitating China in this issue of the border closure. Those that support the border closure by the government cited that China did theirs for 40 years.

The statesman counteracts the similarity. According to him, China didn’t close its borders. Instead, they prioritized what they wanted to manufacture locally. Also, they opened their doors to the outside world to receive what they need from them in the way it can benefit them. One thing was sure; China didn’t want any Country to dictate to them.

That is why, at the time, it becomes necessary for them to present their economy; they did it. Also, at the right time for them to build their science and technology to compete with the entire world, they did it. However, China wanted to make sure that they are the leaders.

Thus, there is no comparison between what China did with the mindless border closure of Nigeria. The Nigerian government closed the border without first, of all thinking it through and its repercussions. For instance, the border closure has made Nigeria unpopular in West Africa that is ECOWAS.

Alternative to Border Closure

Professor Anya goes on to say that the Nigerian government should have followed another method instead of closing the borders. He states that what the government should have done is to tighten the border control if the areas are becoming smuggling staging zones. At least, such an act can give the smugglers room for pause.

The second thing the government should have done is to insist that certain conditions reflect in the bi-lateral interactions between the country and others without adding this draconian formula. It is not advisable to close the border because such actions come with its particular consequences. As a result, Nigeria may spend the following 10 years trying to explain this action.

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