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Boko Haram: North-East Governors Urges President to Dialogue



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The governors from the north-east states are urging Buhari’s regime to settle with terrorists.

Six governours of the northeastern states of Nigeria who have suffered much under the terrorist attacks by Boko Haram are calling the present regime and all government levels to dialogue with the terrorists.

The governors think that dialoguing with the terrorists can induce them to repent. Also, according to them, it is a gentle and easy way to make them leave their insurgency.

The six governors were in attendance in the one-day summit for security on Tuesday in Maiduguri. The convener of this summit was the IG of police who issued a communiqué afterwards.

Other dignitaries who attended the summit are a member of the States assembly, national assembly, high-ranking military personnel and other chiefs of security.

During the summit, the sacrifices and roles of the Nigerian Police, Nigerian Military, and the other security departments who joined the fight against terrorism and insurgency were duly noted. In addition, they were all urged to carry on their selfless service towards their fatherland.

Crucial Matters Arising at the Summit

Through the summit, the federal government is called upon to quickly increase the funds of the police, Armed forces, as well as other agencies ensuring security. That is; those who are involved in the battle going on in the northeast zone against insurgency.

Another important matter arising at the summit is the need for the North East Development Commission to help the North-Eastern State Governors, security agencies, and police in providing better support and logistics. At least, with their aid, the fight against insurgency and provision of security in that zone will be easier.

Furthermore, the federal government is urged to dredge the Lake Chad canal to enable the military service and security agencies have a better chance of battling the Insurgents since the security and military boats can fight and operate efficiently in water.

The communiqué also added that the military activities which are ongoing at the perimeter of Lake Chad should be sustained and intensified since the area is still harbouring some Boko Haram insurgents.

Other Communiqué Statements

The government, at every level, should encourage and carry out a dialogue with the terrorists to enable those who are ready to repent do so.

The Police Force should utilize proactive measures to search for kidnapping, banditry, and drug abuse since it is their constitutional mandate in protecting the properties and lives of the people.

The police should initiate the avenue for connecting the civilian JTF with the police informally. On the other hand, the State should bring the funding needed for such a venture.

“ North East Development Commission should make efforts to get modern technology for fighting. crime. Also, strong intelligence sharing should be encouraged between security agencies, stakeholders, and traditional rulers.

Overall, the traditional leaders should be consulted during the recruitment of hunters and vigilantes who will be helping to combat the North-East zone situation.

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