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Bello sponsoring political thugs – Dino Melaye



Says Governor wants to hang on to power by all means 

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In a news published online by The Nation, and monitored by DanngNews, Senator Dino Melaye has accused Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello and the All Peoples Progressive Congress (APC) of trying to hang onto power by desperate means.

In his reaction to attacks on his polling unit, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senator says he is still confident of winning the election despite the attacks.

He claimed that the leaders of the thugs that attacked his polling unit have been arrested by the police and have confessed to the crimes and mentioned the names of those that sent them.

If the election is conducted 100 times claimed Senator Dino, he would still emerge the winner, saying ” If they are popular, they will not be introducing violence into the process. They cannot achieve what they want through the gun.

“I am calling on the security agencies and INEC to respect their promise that where ever ballot boxes are taken away, it cannot be recorded and that votes in that unit will be cancelled.

“All these areas they have taken ballot boxes and ballot papers away should not be entertained to all at the collation centre. So that only valid votes will count because once a ballot box has been taken away, the integrity of those votes is completely questionable. So, INEC should respect their promise and not allow these election riggers to have their way.

“For me, the election in my unit went over halfway before the hoodlums came and started shooting.  The bad thing is that one of the boys was shot and was taken to the hospital by the police.

“I am happy they have been apprehended and that our cry that Yahaya Bello wants to be governor, by all means, is already established. All those arrested are all APC members and they have all confessed who sent them. We must see the end of this matter because we will not allow it to be buried.

“This is not an election. An election that is militarised, an election where ballot papers and ballot boxes are easily carted away by gunmen is not an election. If you conduct this election 100 times, I will win.

“If they are popular, they will not introduce violence. All the ballot papers that were scatted were all PDP which shows my popularity and acceptability. The difference between me and Smart Adeyemi is the difference between darkness and light.”



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