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Arsene Wenger may become Bayern Munich Manager



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The former Arsenal manager says that he’s open to Munich talks.

Arsene Wenger didn’t refute the idea that he’s interested in going over to Bayern Munich if the opportunity presents itself. The Frenchman has been out of a job since 2018, and according to reports, he has been hoping to get back into the game. Well, we can’t fault him because that’s what he knows how to do very well. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one eyeing the post, but we learned that he’s at the head of the fight to succeed Kovac. We also learned that he soared to the highest level after an opponent Ralf Rangnick withdrew from the battle.

Arsene Wenger’s Hopes are high

Since he left Emirates, in 2018, the 70-year old Wenger hasn’t hidden his desire to come back as a full-time participant in a good position. When reporters asked him to take a stance, all he said was that he would not reject talks with Munich. We further pointed out that he nearly joined them many years ago. But he insisted that he hasn’t sat down with Munich yet and doesn’t know if he’s going to talk to them.

Wenger also told the reporters that he wants to be active in what he likes doing. According to him, the decision to go back to his job is still pending. However, Wenger also assured them that he misses his work even though he is contented with the work he’s doing now.

On when the decision will be, Wenger assured them that this coming week would be his deciding time. When the reporters asked what he finds impressive about German football and Munich, he responded that the Germans always tries to meet the challenges of playing. He further stressed that Munich, in particular, embraces football without fear.

According to Arsene Wenger, the team of players never exhibit any fear when they face the ball in the court. They attack every match with vigour, positivity, and dominance. Wenger believes that the team focuses more on playing what he calls positive football.

Well, speculations have been high even as enthusiasts are having a field day waiting for the outcome. People like Massimiliano, Mauricio, and even Mourinho are likely candidates to occupy the position. However, we learned that Thomas Tuchel announced his withdrawal from the race publicly. Well, he couldn’t hide his disinterest, but we may soon discover why he doesn’t want to participate.

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