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“A generation will come to unearth everything and speak out boldly For Igbos”-Bishop Onoubogu



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Bishop Suggests What the Igbo Can do to win the presidential seat

In a recent speech by Bishop Obi Onubogu, he revealed what the Igbo sector could do to provide the 2023 presidential candidate. Obi went ahead to state the cause of the constant agitation by diverse ethnic groups for Biafra in the south-east. Finally, he clarified the general unwillingness to classify the civil war massacre as genocide.

Bishop Obi, while speaking to Jude Chinedu at Enugu about his feelings now and back to 1960, said the only difference is dialogue. There used to be a round table conference where opinions are shared. All those methods of communication and settling up of issues are lacking.

According to the Bishop, he had experienced the evils of war. He served in all forms of military and paramilitary, so he knows what war means. It seems to him most grave that Nigeria had not learned their lessons. The Bishop thinks Nigeria ought to learn three things to succeed in their pursuits. And the three things, according to the Bishop, are dialogue, dialogue, and dialogue.

Concerning the call for president from Igbo and

The Bishop sees dialogue as the chief technique for these goals. The Igbo’s can’t do alone. All hands on deck to bring it to accomplishment. The best way is to discuss with people that matter; some may oppose your views.

As to why the world doesn’t classify the Nigerian-Biafran war as genocide, the Bishop stated that it was due to lying over the matter. The true state of what happened was hidden. He stood by the Asaba sector that decided to speak out their hearts. With knowledge of what happened in the past, no sensible person will want it to happen again.

The military has changed the southeast Egwu Eke-Atilogwu

The Bishop thinks that the new name given by the military symbolizes peace. He wanted to know if the military acts in peace. To him, if they want peace, they all have to work together to achieve it. He beckoned on everyone to make suggestions as well as appreciate good things.

Is Biafra the pathway to Igbo Eldorado?

The Bishop thinks that the Igbo are too excited for freedom. But they shouldn’t get to the extent of neglecting the most vital issues. To him, they all should discuss what they want. If they’re now rejected, evicted, or obstructed, they can now look for their own space and land. He concluded by saying they should have a dialogue first.


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