Africans Have No Culture, We Must Kick Them Out Says Racist Israeli MP

An Israeli member of parliament has come under fire for saying that Africans have no culture and that Israel should stop African refugees from having children.

#OrenHazan, a member of parliament and pro-Israel lawmaker further said that Africans are not refugees but economic migrants.

The member of parliament was speaking during an interview that was posted on the Facebook page of his political party.

His comments come after Israel came under criticism for its mass deportation of Africans earlier in the year.

His comments and statements have not been condemned by the Likud party led by

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This should be an eye-opener for those in southeastern Nigeria that claims to be of Jewish origin.

the fact is that Israel does not like or recognise anyone of us Africans, we should try and develop our own country and make it what we want it to be.

Also, the government must stop funding anyone going to pilgrimage, either to Mecca or Jerusalem, why should we fund our citizen to a country that does not like or love us?

Can you imagine? even the Israeli prime minister has not condemned him, so also is the ruling likud party .