Dialogue the ‘only path’ to resolve Cameroon Anglophone crisis: U.S.

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Dialogue the 'only path' to resolve Cameroon Anglophone crisis: U.S.

The United States has reiterated its call for dialogue in Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis tasking the government to engage aggrieved parties in the restive region.

The U.S. embassy in Yaounde were reacting to the recent deaths of two members of the Cameroon security apparatus. “We urge the Government of the Republic of Cameroon to act with restraint in response to these acts of violence.

“We continue to appeal to all sides to enter into meaningful, broad-based dialogue.  Dialogue is the only path towards a resolution of legitimate grievances,” a statement issued early this week read.

The U.S. condemned the murders and sent condolences to the families of the slain officers – the Marine was killed in Ekondo-Titi (southwest) on January 14 whiles the gendarme was killed in the town of Wum (northwest) on January 15.

The deaths are a continuation of an armed attack on state security forces. President Paul Biya late last year declared war on the secessionists after four troops were killed. The number of slain troops is about a dozen with the latest incident.



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