Robert Mugabe defiant,vows to stay on.

Zimbabwe’s dethroned leader, Robert Mugabe has vowed not to step down as demanded by his Zanu-PF party which removed him from his post as the party leader.

In a TV live broadcast, Mr. Mugabe insisted that he would preside over the ruling party congress that’s coming up in December.

Mr. Mugabe was widely expected to announce his resignation via the same broadcast ,however the man that is regarded as the grandfather of the nation took everyone by surprise, when he clearly insisted on hanging on to power despite being sidelined by the military in a move that’s being supported by his own party and the opposition .

In the broadcast, Mr. Mugabe said ” The Congress is due… I will preside over its processes” he went further to say ” Whatever the pros and cons of how they [the army] went about their operation, I, as commander-in-chief, do acknowledge their concerns”

This would definitely infuriate the army, his own party and the opposition, and the only legal option that remains to remove would be to impeach Mr. Mugabe.