Myanmar Rohingya: The injured sheltering in Bangladesh

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya are in refugee camps and some arrive with terrible injuries.

One begins to wonder if the world powers are not aware of the sufferings of the Royingya people.Is much Royingyan blood have not being shared or what ? Or that they do not have any economical value ( oil ) to the world powers ?

Myanmar’s army has been accused of killing Rohingya people and burning their villages, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee to Bangladesh. Reuters news agency has collected pictures documenting the plight and injuries of those who make it across the border. Ansar Allah is an 11-year old boy. Hit by a gunshot, he has a large wound on his leg. “They sprayed us with bullets, as our house was burning,” his mother Samara said. “It was a bullet half the size of my index finger. I can’t stop thinking, why did God put us in that dangerous situation?”

Ansar Allah

The two brothers Mohamed Heron and Mohamed Akter both have serious burns on their bodies. Their uncle said that Myanmar’s armed forces had fired rockets at their village and that two of their siblings had died. Myanmar’s army earlier this week released the results of an internal investigation in which it exonerated itself of any blame. But the assertions contradict evidence seen by BBC correspondents of a crisis the United Nations has called “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing”.

Mohamed Heron, 6, and his brother Mohamed Akter, 4

Anwara Begum said her house was in flames when she woke up. The 36-year old tried to get out but burning roof caved in on her and her nylon clothes melted onto her arms. Her husband then carried his wife for eight days to reach the a refugee camp in Bangladesh. “I thought I was going to die. I tried to stay alive for my children.”

Anwara Begum