How Customs CG, Ali passed vote of no confidence on Buhari – Senator Marafa

The​ lawmaker representing Zamfara Central Senatorial District, Senator Kabiru Marafa, has ​lambasted Customs boss, Hammed Ali for ​declaring that the Buhari​ government was derailing.

​He said Ali​’s comment was simply a “vote of no confidence​” on the government he was part of.

Marafa​ stated this in a chat with newsmen in Abuja on Saturday​.

The senator ​​further alleged that the Customs boss did not influence up to 100 votes for Buhari in the 2015 election.

He said, “When he talked about derailing, to me, if actually he believed in what he said, he should resign. He should resign because what he did was like passing a vote of no confidence in a government in which he is serving.

​”​He is part of the derailment because the position the President gave him is not befitting him. What was his contribution?

“He said 50 per cent of the people who formed the government are from the PDP. If I was there, I would have asked him to expatiate. Is he talking of the PDP members who left the party and joined the APC to secure its victory or is he talking of the PDP as it is today​.

“​If he is talking of the people who left the PDP to join the APC, with all sense of responsibility, I think it is politically irresponsible to say that because these were the people who joined hands with the APC to bring about this government.

“In politics, anybody who identifies with you and joins you before ballots are cast, is part and parcel of your struggle. Anybody at whatever stage they join before going to the polls is part of you and your victory. It is only those who join you after election that can be called any name.”

​Marafa, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Petroleum Resources (Downstream), added that Ali and those behind the idea of the BSO were out to sabotage Buhari and his government.

His words, “On the opening of the office called BSO, it is politically inexpedient now. Buhari is already the President and he became President by popular votes; he was voted for by all Nigerians.

“So, how do you now take a whole national idea back to BSO? Buhari has gone beyond BSO. Even by his own assertion, he said the idea started in 2003 and moved to 2007 and that he joined it in 2011 and it came to 2015.​”​