5 Ways To Cure Mouth Odour In Nigeria

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Medical name: Halitosis (Bad Breath).

Symptoms: One can develop a bad breath through various media, majorly, some of which are:
– food: some food may cause bad breath, like onions and garlic containing sulfur compound so smelly. Some other liquid substance like juices etc. proteinous food substance may also contribute to bad breath after eaten and other particles remain in mouth.
– dry mouth. When the mouth is in dearth of saliva, it may cause mouth odour. Always keep it wet.
– physical hygiene, poor balanced diet and illness. Poor diet and physical hygiene may also cause the mouth odour. Illness may also lead to halitosis.
There are microscopic organisms too that when this food particles are left unkempt in the mouth, they come and feast on it, leaving their decay and excruciating exceptions behind making the mouth to smell like erosion is taking place in the stomach.
How to cure.
Mouth odour can be very embarrassing. You fit dey talk with person, the person no dey reply. Nna, what’s up na? You go dey win arguments anyhow. Father lord! You’ a genus ooo.

1. Avoid eating food containing those mentioned above and not brushing it off while going out. Even if you must eat, do brush it off with toothbrush and toothpaste not with charcoal, toothbrush and salt or whatever.
. Keep your mouth wet. One reason you need to take a nap at noon and sleep at night. Also, after you wake up, do brush your teeth.
3. Brush twice daily. It is recommended oh dear Nigerians; morning and night.
4. Do you want to check how your breath seem? Take an handkerchief and exhale to it, adjacent to your noise. Try this anytime. Or, take a mirror and start removing those milky stuff off your teeth, when at large quantity, smell it. LOL. Don’t go coma after smelling it o. Do regular checkup by yourself. Make your mouth a top priority. You know, when your crush notices your mouth is AK-47 Pump Action, they’ll avoid you. sad
5. Always brush in the morning! sad Which kind wickedness be this ?
In conclusion, let always take note of the more important things, and health being fit is top priority – Richie.


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