I have never been embarrassed like this ever in my life. I’m always excited when that urge to masturbate comes over me, just lock myself up in a room and jack off most especially with the help of xvideo.

Today I felt so embarrassed after the lady I’ve been wooing all this while say yes and ready for action after a heavy rainfall. We got in mood and when it’s time for action my man went down and shrink off. Many attempts to resurrect the guy all fell from fry pan to fire, it’s got no signal at all.

The girl just hissed on me and walked toward the door for her exit. I was disgraced and embarrassed. And the worst part na say this is my first time with the lady.
What excuse can I give?

To every single guys out there enjoying every moment with masturbation, though you enjoy the feelings while it last, but you are fading off gradually.

These are what happens when you give yourself to masturbation as a man.

1. Tiredness. You will be unnecessarily tired even when you don’t engage in any activity

2.Headache. I have used many ache relievers to quench the aches I always feel in my head constantly, not knowing masturbation is the main reason for the headaches.



5.pains in the shoulders and side

6.pain in the muscles and joint

7.loss of appetite leading to weight loss

8.any small exercise you will be exhausted like dead body

9.dead look, sickening face

10.memory and sight failure,

11.when the real match come, you won’t get errection

12. If you come get erection, won’t last long( premature ejaculation)

13.semen leakage

14.reduced orgasm

15. Loss of sex drive towards opposite sex

All these are what have experienced from the habit of masturbation, the earlier the better. Masturbation ruins life gradually.