Nigerians ‘attack’ Buhari over directive to World bank to concentrate on North

Some Nigerians have taken on President Muhammadu Buhari over the alleged instruction he gave to World Bank to concentrate on the Northern part of Nigeria with regards to its assistance.

President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, on Thursday disclosed that Buhari ordered the body to concentrate on North to enhance Nigeria’s economy.

While some Nigerians have expressed surprise at such revelation others have insisted that Nigeria should be divided since Buhari is sidelining other regions.

Here are the comments:

@chukwudebelu If Buhari told the World Bank president to focus on the North, you can rest assured that he told the heads of DFiD and USAID to do the same.

@victorsylvanus “i’m not surprised.President of the north and president of destroying Nigerian’s unity with his actions and policies

@cuteposion43 “Take it or leave tribalism will break nigeria. The hate and greed is just tooo much.. this is very bad… just imagine..

@emekalogistics “Against the constitution he swore to protect. Daily revelations that proved Kanu a prophet appear.Is he a premier of the North or president

@beshajimeh “Why only northern Nigeria so there is no any other region in Nigeria again…Nepotism and sentiment is the backbone of our underdevelopment

@segunadeoye “Can u imagine??? The southerners that voted for this ethnic and religious bigot called buhari are eternally doomed. Oloshi!!!

@Umakortony “Can you imagine ! So, Southern Nigeria does not need development?

@AustinOkoloise “The grave Buhari will Bury Nigeria by the end 2023 , will be 2 deep to call forth Lazarus. With his attitude 9ja might be history soon.

@ikechukw916 “Even at that… The north still remains the poorest in developmental strives!

@Kanayo12345 “World bank to north.. operation python dance to South East anyone from South East that believe in one Nigeria must die shamefully