Niger Delta decides Nigeria’s progress – Gov Emmanuel

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Emmanuel Udom has declared that Niger Delta is Nigeria’s heartbeat.

Udom made the remark while speaking at the National Security Summit in Uyo, the state capital, on Tuesday.

The governor also noted that current governors in the Niger Delta have given the Federal Government the highest level of support ever.

According to Udom, “The present crop of governors in the Niger Delta has given the Federal Government the highest level of support in terms of security.

“I remember when there were issues in the Niger Delta, all the governors rose in one accord and the Acting President went round all the states and we pledged our support, our youths pledged their support and we all delivered. Today everywhere is calm.

“Permit me to commend men and officers of the Nigerian Police Force for the spectacular job of securing the life and properties of Nigerians so far. I know you are constantly looking for ways to ensuring peaceful coexistence.

“I know certain endemic problems are prevalent in the region which sometimes threatens the flow of commerce and industry. I know some people say in the next ten years oil will dry up; but don’t let anybody deceive you that in the next ten years our oil will no longer be relevant. Oil will be relevant.

“All over the world, IOC’s operate from the place where they are exploring the oil, how come that of Niger Delta is different? We have good roads and so on; so why can they operate from here?

“Why is it that in Nigeria, we can spend over $5bn laying pipes in the deep oceans from the region of exploration to where they are being refined; Why can’t we refine oil in our region? The same crude oil we are refining here people are buying all over the world; why can’t we create the market in Niger Delta for people to buy from us directly.

“Like it is said in America, anywhere California goes, the United States goes; so anywhere Niger Delta goes, Nigeria also goes.”