Do You Know German Toilet Design Is Different From Rest Of The World?

Germans have their own way of dealing with their health and hygiene. They have their reputation of being different and hold a great pride for that. Today, know about another unique German thing that will leave you shocked.


Germans have a very different style of the toilet seat as compared to the toilet seats with the rest of the world. They have their own strange explanation for this very different style of toilet seat.


Well! This unique German poop throne is called the “shelf shitter”. Unlike other toilet seats, it has a unique style which allows the poop to sit there and stare back at you with all its smell until you decide to flush it off all by yourself. It is a ” lay and display ” model which instead of allowing the poop to drop straight into the water, collects it midway to let you examine it.


They have a very weird and a very gross explanation to this weird toilet seat. According to them, the design of the toilet seat is linked with their hygiene. After their satisfactory poop session, all they do is first look at it for inconsistencies and possible diseases. If they find some, they take a snap and mail it to their doctor.


German toilet seats, in some ways are better than the other toilet seats. One smart reason is the saving of water. While the Western toilet seat uses two to three gallons of water in one flow, German seats uses less water. Their flush system has two buttons, one for less water and the other for larger supply. This helps us use water only in required amount rather than letting it flow in a go.


So, this was all about the very unique German toilet seats and their whole explanation behind this wonderful and somewhat still a smelly idea of hygiene. FYI, they even find this shelf shitter great in picking up their poop for hygiene samples.

Watch the whole video and let us know if you are going to replace your direct plunge it toilet seat with this one?