P-Square: Reno Omokri reveals reason for reported split

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A former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has connected the reported fight between members of a Nigerian music group, the P-Square to the call for separation and restructuring by several groups in the country.

According to Omokri, God is using the P-Square situation to teach Nigerians a lesson.

In a message he shared via @renoomokrion twitter handle, the former Presidential aide hinted that the real cause of the brothers fighting each other was because they needed restructuring from unitary partnership to true federalism.

He wrote, “Perhaps God is using@PeterPsquare & @rudeboypsquare to teach lessons on the options before Nigeria-division, restructuring or family fight.

“Even P-Square wants to restructure from a unitary form of partnership to true federalism. You are Peter, I am Paul. Together, we are P-Square!

“If Peter and Paul cant live in peace, is it our own little Republics that will automatically lead to peace? Restructuring is a better option.”


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